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Transforming properties across the South West with expert window and door repairs and upgrades.

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Window and door repairs and replacements

Here at House Doctors our team of experts are dedicated to transforming your home into a place you can truly be proud of. We understand that the right windows and doors not only enhance the appearance of your property but also contribute to energy efficiency, security and overall comfort. We believe in repairing before we replace! Saving our customers costly replacements. If your windows are damaged, misty or not functioning correctly, we will do everything in our power to repair. If we definitely cannot repair your windows or doors, we offer excellent replacements at great prices.

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"Needed double glazed units replaced. Called House Doctors and would highly recommend. From measuring, ordering and fitting the work was professional, tidy, fairly priced and prompt."

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Have a look at some of our frequently asked questions

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If my double glazed units have steamed up do I need to buy a new window?

No. The double glazed unit is separate from the frame and can be removed and replaced with a new one without the need to remove the whole window.

When I close my window there is a gap between the frame and window on the hinge side. Can this be fixed?

Yes. The most common cause of gaps between the weather seal is a faulty hinge. These can be replaced making the window as good as new.

The handle on my PVC window appears to just spin and will not unlock the window, what can I do?

The cause of this problem could be either a broken drive bar within the handle itself or a broken gearbox on the locking espagnolette. You can determine which by removing the two screws in the handle and inspecting the handle and gearbox.

My rubber weather seals have shrunk and degraded, can I replace them?

Yes. House Doctors carry a large range of popular weather seals which we can fit or if you prefer we can supply only for you to fit.

Can I reduce heat loss through my windows and glass?

Yes. In most cases, modern double glazed units can be installed incorporating the latest heat saving technology. House Doctors can supply and install Planithem replacement units to keep your home warm and cosy and save pounds on your energy bills.

The wood grain foil effect on the exterior of my windows is beginning to fade, peel and crack, what can I do about it?

Sadly once the wood grain foil de-laminates from the surface of the plastic there is little that can be done to return it to its new look.

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My windows are letting water in, what would be causing this?

Your windows are fitted with weather seals to reduce draughts and repel water. It is impossible to keep all water out of a modern uPVC window frame so drainage slots and machined into the frames to allow residual water to drain through special channels out onto the external window seal. If these slots become blocked it can cause water to build up in the lower frame and possibly seep onto your interior window board.
House Doctors can unblock the drain slots and improve weatherproofing by renewing the rubber seals.

The silicone sealant around my window frames has gaps and appears to be mouldy, what can I do?

Most white silicone is subject discoloration and mold growth where condensation or water ingress provides the perfect condition for it to develop. House Doctors recommend complete removal of the silicone and cleaning up of the frames and plaster then reseal using an anti-mold grade, low modulus silicone.

How do I measure a hinge stack height?

The most common stack height size is either 13mm or 17mm. The stack height is measured with the hinge in the closed position and is the total height of all the metal arms when lined on top of each other.

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My polycarbonate conservatory roof is damaged & leaking, can I change the roof?

Yes. In most cases the polycarbonate roof sheets can be replaced for new and if the glazing bars are damaged these can be changed too leaving you with an attractive dry conservatory. Call us for a quote today.

My insurance company requires my windows to have locking handles, can these be fitted to my windows?

Yes. House Doctors carry a large range of handles for modern windows and older systems too so we should have a locking handle to suit your needs.

My older aluminium & UPVC windows are looking faded, can they be repainted?

Yes. House Doctors can provide a full refurbishment service for both commercial and domestic windows including strip-back and re-spray to any colour you require.

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Window and door repairs across the South West

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